The Riven (TM) Journals - Key Web Technologies

This site uses the following Web technologies to provide an immersive gaming experience. If your browser lacks a required feature, you can still experience the official Riven Web site at

Java - Required

Most of the pages of each Journal can be experienced without a Java-enabled browser, but access to the puzzles (and what lies beyond them when they are solved) requires Java.

Cookies - Required

This site sets persistent cookies to track and retain game progress from visit to visit. Our server also sets cookies for session tracking purposes. This Reference has more information on cookies.

JavaScript - Optional

JavaScript is used to enhance navigation in non-critical ways. Image rollovers appear in a few places and the status line is used to indicate the targets of various links.

Inline Audio - Optional

Inline audio is delivered to Macintosh and Windows systems only. Consult your platform's notes page for details.

Frames - Optional

Frames are used in these help pages and for loading inline audio. The NOFRAMES container is used throughout the site to allow browsing without frames.

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