The Riven (TM) Journals FAQ

What are The Riven Journals?

This site is based upon and related to Riven, the sequel to the CD-ROM bestseller Myst (R). The Journals are a collection of books that introduce and provide commentary on elements found in the game. Each Journal also contains a puzzle that, when solved, reveals the subject of the Journal in a new light.

How does the site work?

There are two major modes of operation within the first four Journals: external views and immersive views. You enter the site in an external view of the room where the Journals are kept. Clicking on objects brings you closer to them, and in most views clicking in the black margins near an object takes you further out. Immersive views present the pages within each Journal. Clicking on different watermarks will take you from page to page, to the puzzle page, or out of the immersive view.

The fifth Journal operates only in external views and has several puzzles... the opening of the book itself being one.

How many Journals are there?

The fifth and final Journal was added to the site on August 25th.

What happens when a puzzle is solved?

The site is keeping track of your progress and presents things to you differently in certain situations. Observe carefully and you may find some very interesting things.

Are the Journals part of the Riven game?

Only in a very indirect way. The Journals are designed to explore some of the details of Riven without giving anything away that would spoil playing and winning the game. If you study the Journals carefully, you may learn things that enrich your Riven experience, but you will still find out very little about what lies ahead in the actual game.

Where can I learn more about Riven?

To learn more about Riven, visit the official Riven Web site at

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