The Riven (TM) Journals - Windows Notes

Supported Browsers

The Riven Journals works best in the following Windows browsers:

Video and Audio

The site uses inline audio and 24-bit color. Be sure to connect speakers or headphones if available, and set your system's display to the greatest available color depth (High Color or True Color are best).

Navigator Notes

The optimum Windows configuration for this site is Navigator with Java, JavaScript and the LiveAudio plugin enabled.

Internet Explorer Notes

The only disadvantage of using Explorer for this site is missing some of the JavaScript enhancements: image rollovers and status info for some of the links. Explorer allows for easy enabling/disabling of inline audio.

Applet Troubleshooting

The most frequent problems with the puzzle applets for Windows users have been from downloads timing out. If downloading applet components takes too much time, the browser may stop loading and show an error message. Unfortunately, current browsers do not handle these errors particularly gracefully, and incomplete class files may be cached on some systems, causing the error to appear over and over again.

If you are receiving class format errors or class file not found errors, complete the following steps:

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