The Riven (TM) Journals - UNIX (and other platforms) Notes

Supported Browsers - All UNIX flavors

The Riven Journals works best in Netscape Navigator 3.0. But you probably already knew that.

UNIX systems won't receive inline audio (though the sounds within the Java applets will still play on many systems).

Attention IRIX users - the puzzles take a long, long, time to launch on SGI machines, but once they're up they work just fine. Once you see the D'ni watch image, you have four or five minutes to go.

Supported Browsers - Other Platforms

The Riven Journals was developed primarily with Windows and Machintosh users in mind. We will test for other Java-enabled systems in the future (such as WebTV if/when Java is implemented), but cannot guarantee support. You can still experience the official Riven web site at [The official site will be unveiled on 06/18/97]

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